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Strength in Your Supply Chain

A Little Big Reality
Over 70,000 shipments are handled annually all over the world, a volume of 1.5 million cubic metres, the equivalent of 20,000 heavy plants: 1.7% of the traffic through the Alps. Regarding road traffic there are daily deliveries to Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan, Uganda and Ethiopia, as well as Central African countries.
Environmental Respect
Corporate development is the result of a careful and profitable use of economic resources; furthermore it is an ethical duty to pursue the growth of productive activity in harmony with the environment. We promote a culture in favour of the environment

National Freight Forwarder Solutions

At Cubic Business Solutions – Logistics, our mission is to make sure your product is delivered safely and on-time, so you can focus on what truly matters: Your business.

National Distribution


If your objective is having a capillary distribution service, which is safe and reliable, then your road leads to Cubic Business Solutions – Logistics. With a network of selected correspondents and partners our company ensures its clientele daily connections all over Kenya.

Truck Road Load


Whichever the requirements may be in terms of range, volume, availability or complexity in relation to transport, we provide the client with a customised solution, guaranteed by the professionalism and ability of the operational personnel, transport planning and last but not least by the information technology which allows optimisation of the routes and loads.

Every shipment you send or receive is important. Your goods need to be transported quickly, efficiently, and reliably. However, if you don’t have a logistics department, where do you start? You may not have the internal resources, the logistics experience, the network of freight forwarder contacts, or the time to manage the transportation of your goods.

That’s where Cubic Business Solutions – Logistics comes in. We provide freight forwarder solutions to importers and exporters worldwide.